About Us


Our mission is to lead the hemp industry into mainstream consumer markets. We are fully invested in the hemp industry and have established practices that are market-tested in order to produce the highest quality hemp-derived specialty ingredients (CBD/CBG/CBN/CBC) and finished products. We have dedicated our efforts to building and refining our ethics and compliance as it is more than a selling point, it’s a federal requirement that is vital in contributing to the legitimacy of this industry. At Exactus, we are committed to excellence and it is our goal to standardize the industry with consistency, quality, and transparency.

Exactus One World

Exactus One World is the name of the Exactus 200+ acre farming and production operation as it captures the expansive and inclusive nature of the vision of a comprehensive seed to sale consumer program. Exactus farms are located in south west Oregon and processes industrial hemp to be manufactured into cannabidiol (CBD) related products using, as much as possible, their facilities and resources at every step of the supply chain.

Experienced Leadership

Our leadership team includes technical experts and business leaders with a proven track record of increasing shareholder value and developing and launching new products.