Oregon Hemp and the Local Farmer

Exactus, Inc., a healthcare company aiming to produce fully traceable, hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD) products, has moved to Oregon to utilize the good soils and knowledgeable farmers.


“This industry’s been needing transparency as to what’s in the bottle,” says Emiliano Aloi, Ceed2Med Co-founder and Exactus Inc. President.


Aloi says there have been many companies making claims about the health benefits of CBD that they shouldn’t be making. “We focus on the claims we can make,” he says. “We use certified genetics and have access to some of the best farmers that the hemp world has seen.”

They keep full trace-ability of every seed they put in the ground with a QR code that can be scanned.

At all times we keep full transparency of everything that’s in the bottle.

Aloi says they brought their hemp farming operation to Oregon because of the soils and local farmers. “Oregon is the most unique environment for the hemp plant to grow,” he says. “It has some particular conditions that you just can’t match.”


“Without writing the right manual, you just can’t teach the eyes of the farmer,” Aloi says. “Oregon has that.”


In the entirety of farming history, Aloi says, “all of the agricultural industries have traditionally oppressed the farmer.” According to him, the oppression has created worse farming because there’s no motivation and very little research, development, and advancement of the practices.

Aloi says the piece they were missing with Ceed2Med and Exactus was a strong partnership at the farming level. With a partnership, Aloi says there’s full motivation in getting things to be done better, like implementing new machinery and equipment.


“All of these things need to come from the farmer, but you can’t make them come from the farmer if the farmer is struggling to survive,” Aloi says.